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    IT WAS NEVER ABOUT US!!               

    Attack Apparel is a family owned business that began its journey in June of 2016 with a devoted focus on providing high quality lifestyle apparel to fencers. The out pour of support from the fencing community when we launched was amazing! Because of the overwhelming support from all of you and your generous patronage, our growth has been exponential in just a short time. 

    As a result of this growth, we have recently been approached by other combat sports and fitness athletes to be represented by the brand.  YOUR BRAND!!  A Fencing brand!!  We think it is a huge compliment that we have been asked to expand our fencing brand to provide apparel to Crossfit, Power Lifting and MMA athletics.  We were torn by this at first as we are first and foremost a Fencing brand, we have 4 kids (3 of them fencers) and really they were the main motivator behind our start of the company.  

    Although we have no desire to stray from that identity as a fencing brand, the desire for other combat and fitness athletes to be represented by Attack Apparel has been very exciting for us. HOW COOL IS THAT? We believe it will enhance the opportunities for us to continue to support the fencing community and improve our brand now and for a long time coming. The process of starting this business as a family for a sport we love has been an incredible experience! ....thanks to all of you for your patronage, suggestions and support.

    We continue to be proud of the Attack Apparel brand and our products will continue to demonstrate the pride that fencers and our supporters of fencing have for their kids and the sport!  I can not reiterate how truly grateful we are for the support you have provided us as we have grown this year.  We will continue to look for ways to improve and build the brand you have all graciously helped to cultivate.

    At the start, Attack Apparel had a vision to create hip, relaxed, relevant life style apparel for the fencing community.  We appreciate that Fencers are disciplined, dedicated and devoted athletes day in and day out.  We are very proud of these athletes, the coaches and the families that support the fencing community.  The work ethic in this sport is remarkable, but even fencers deserve to put on a comfy shirt that says this is me, throw on a cool hat and relax now and again.  Our initial line of T-shirts and Hats was the beginning of our journey and we are working to bring you hip and new products in the near future.

    Many of you have asked why we chose Attack for our apparel company.  In fencing the word "attack" is best demonstrated the moment someone starts an offensive action.  The mere seconds of decision making that plays into getting the touch comes down to the execution of an attack, the pace of the attack and how you finish the attack. 

     As we grow and have grown, we will continue to communicate and we are committed to keeping you our priority first and foremost.  We will strive to be transparent with our company direction and continue to work and provide quality products, bring you quality service and find ways to best give back to fencing and combat sports that our athletes and families put their heart and soul into!  We couldn't do it with out you!

      Thank you for your patronage!

      The Attack Apparel Team - Our Family to yours :)